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Relocation Assistance and Institution support

Relocation assistance may be provided to new staff relocating to commence an appointment

Bulgarian Medical Universities offer universities student hostel accommodation on-campus. Given that, in many cases, the number of student rooms or flats in student campus for international medical students is very limited and priority is given to students with Bulgarian scholarship, most medical international students prefer to rent a private accommodation (individual or shared flat) near medical Universities. The student accommodation rent prices in Bulgaria are very reasonable: 50 to 80€/ month for student room in student hostel and 150 to 300 €/month for private accommodation (student flat).

Student accommodation in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pleven, Varna and Trakia –Strara Zagora in Bulgaria as in all county remain the lowest in all European Union/European Economic Area, and combine with reasonable tuition fees, general living cost and good quality of education, one of the attracting points of International students to Bulgarian Universities.

We recommend new students who choose private accommodation in Bulgaria to share an apartment with their colleagues (student flatmates) at least during the first semester. This allows them to reduce drastically the living expenses and so, they avoid to remain isolated in new country till they get used to the new way of life. Students should use their first year to become familiar with the city they are living in as this will help them with eventually future accommodation choices.

Signing a contract with the landlord/landlady is mandatory for international medical students in Bulgaria, since it is one of necessary documents for the issuance of a long staying visa permit (for non EU/EEA students) and a proof of residence for the issuance of the Residence Permit at the local Migration Office (for EU/EEA students). For those staying in student hostel accommodation, this document is automatically given by the university after final registration.

Student accommodation in Bulgaria is not at all expensive for international students. We recommend all students to get accommodation in the area of university or with a good transport network even if the taxes are not so expenses.