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Study Pharmacy in Bulgaria

Study Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria at the best medical Universities

A pharmacy degree in English is offered by the Medical University of Sofia and the Medical University of Plovdiv.

Pharmacy at the Medical University of Plovdiv - the training for acquiring the professional qualification Master in Pharmacy ends after successful completion of 9 semesters, 6 months pre-diploma internship and taking of 4 state examinations. Upon completion of their studies, they receive the European Diploma Supplement, allowing them to work as pharmacists in another EU country. The Faculty of Pharmacy of Medical University – Plovdiv is also a place for acquiring a Pharmacy Postgraduate Degree. The faculty provides the opportunity of acquiring the educational and scientific Doctor’s degree in various forms of training in 13 accredited PhD programmes as well as postgraduate training for acquiring of specialty in Pharmacy.

Pharmacy at the Medical University of Sofia has six departments, three of which teach pharmacy - oriented fundamental subjects (inorganic, analytical and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, botany and mathematics). Another five departments offer the specific pharmaceutical subjects: pharmaceutical technology and bio-pharmacy, pharmacognosy (phytochemistry), pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, social pharmacy. The medical subjects are taught by the corresponding departments at the Faculty of Medicine at Medical University Sofia.

Tuition fees
Dentistry- Pharmacy in English €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate)