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F.A.Q. Test Exams

Exams and assessments are a necessary part of your learning experience

Entry Test Exams?
If you are a student applying to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in Bulgaria and you have to sit for the entry test exams in Biology and Chemistry, Medicine A to Z is here to help!

Medicine A to Z Ltd. provides all of the necessary documents, papers and information in order to ensure that all prospective students will succeed:

Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Tests, issued by the Medical Universities in Bulgaria with Notes and
Training Entry Test Examples
Assistance & Information 24/7
Medicine A to Z Ltd. is aming towards all the registered applicants of ours to be admitted to the entrance exams
Medicine A to Z Ltd. escorts the applicants to the University exam centre (there is an option to organize the entry test exam abroad in the presence of a University representative)

Medicine A to Z Ltd. will inform you about your results immediately after being assessed and then we can proceed with the enrollment process which will save you time and stress...