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Transfer and Accommodation arrangements

Medical student transfer application for admission procedure in Bulgaria

Medical Student Transfer in Bulgaria
Medical student transfer in Bulgaria is possible to all medical universities in Bulgaria provide that the transfer students meet medical university admission and transfer requirements. Medical students can transfer respectively to medical school, dental schools, pharmacy school, etc. in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven medical universities and medical faculty of Trakia University, medical faculty of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsk Universities). Bulgaria is part of the ECTS, SOCRATES and ERASMUS systems. The most commonly used system for assessing credits and transfers is the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).
Medical student application into Bulgarian Medical Universities are accepted from any accredited universities in all over the world (UK, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, China, Russia, Indian, USA, etc.) up to fourth and fifth year, respectively for the firth and six-year programs.
Even if the medical program in Europe have been harmonised and, as a results, Medical diplomas from any European (EU/EEA) are automatically valid in any EU/EEA country, medical university study programs and curricula are not always the same (hours of study for each course, courses per year) and some cases the applicant will have to sit for exams of difference. This is necessary if medical transfer student has done less hours for a give course or if he has not at all pass the exam of the course.

Transfer to medical university in Bulgaria
University Medical students who have completed at least one year at any accredited Medical University in Bulgaria or abroad, have a good command of English or Bulgarian language are eligible to transfer to any Bulgarian Medical University respectively in English or Bulgarian language.

Here are medical students who are eligible to transfer to Bulgarian medical universities:
University Medical students excluded from their previous university program: student excluded from previous university can transfer their previous credits to Bulgarian medical Universities. We had students who were hopeless from their university after 5 years of study. Today, they have become good doctors after transferring their credit to Bulgaria and get their qualification.

University Medical students who want to take advantage of the high recognition of the Bulgarian qualification:
Bulgarian medical university diplomas are valid in all European Economic Area (EU/EEA) and recognized beyond.
University Medical students looking for more affordable options: Bulgarian Medical universities are among the cheapest in EEA and beyond. Combined with the low cost of live, they attract international students from all over the world.
University Medical students unhappy with their previous medical study environment: Bulgarian medical Universities are international recognised Universities, Bulgarian population is very sociable and Bulgarian environment is very save.
Medical university program in English: medical student from any accredited university anywhere in the world and who speaks English can transfer to medical university in Bulgaria, on condition that he fulfiles the basic entry requirement.

Medical student transfer application for admission and procedure in Bulgaria
Medical student transfer application for admission procedure in Bulgaria is the same as the procedure to first year medical university studies (general medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, Health care management etc.) in Bulgaria. The required documents for medical student transfer in Bulgarian medical university are the same as the list of documents for the first year of medical study in Bulgaria and the official academic university transcripts issued by the respective university containing the workload of the studied subjects, examination results and allocated credits.
Bulgarian medical universities are likely the best medical universities in Europe for prospective medical student transfer in Europe and gives, once more, opportunity to medical students (who wish to finish the medical studies into the a new medical university in Europe) to complete medical, dental, pharmacy or veterinary studies.

Which Bulgarian Medical universities accept transfer students?
Practically, all Bulgarian Medical Universities welcomes medical student transfer from Bulgarian Medical Universities and all accredited medical in the world.

Bulgarian Medical Universities accepting student transfer:
Varna medical University
Plovdiv medical University
Pleven medical University
Sofia medical University

All of Bulgarian Medical universities accept medical transfer students to medical schools (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) in English. Some of Medical Universities accept also medical transfer students to dental medicine and pharmacy schools in English.