Medical Studies in Bulgaria

Study medicine in Bulgaria - feasible option for international students!

Bulgaria has strong traditions in providing Medical education.
Bulgarian Medical universities are among the most reputable ones in the EU with Worldwide recognized diplomas. Medical programmes are offered in English which is a great opportunity for foreign students. The students are offered admission twice per academic year in October and February. Annual Tuition fees are reasonable - only 8,000 Euro. The costs of living are rather affordable.
Bulgarian universities will prepare you to navigate in the art and science of Medicine in the most efficient and smooth-running way.
Bulgaria may propose the best pathway to becoming a Dentist. If you wish to study Dental Medicine in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Medical Universities will offer you practice-based learning and will introduce you to modern dental technologies and advanced research.
Once you study Pharmacy at Bulgarian Medical University you will have the exceptional opportunity to have knowledge in various subjects such as Physiology, Biochemistry and advanced Neuropharmacology to Social Pharmacy concepts. The practically orientated courses are taught by professors who currently work in the field and are well aware of all contemporary methods and issues in the professional pharmaceutical area.
Globally recognized Master’s Degree Diploma which will make you a great candidate for job positions all over the world.

6-year Medical course in English(ten semesters and 1-year internship). You can directly apply after gaining high school diploma in the UK.
In the English taught programs Bulgarian language is a mandatory part of the curriculum during the first two years of training and the students need it in order to communicate with the patients from the 3-rd year on when their clinical study will begin.
The first two years of study include general study of the Biological, Chemical and Physical sciences in connection to the practice of medicine as well as the relevant Biometrical sciences relevant to the Physician's practice.
The clinical years are what all Medical students look forward to, a time when lectures and laboratories translate into patient care. The clinical studies examine the application of the Biomedical sciences mastered during the first two years of Medical school. The teaching from the third year onwards takes place in clinical settings and involves working with patients, admitted for treatment at the University's teaching hospitals.
Graduates gain a Master’s degree with the professional qualification Physician-Doctor of Medicine which enables the holders of the diploma to practice Medicine.

Dentistry programmes are offered in English by Sofia Medical University, Plovdiv Medical University and Varna Medical University which is a great opportunity for foreign students. The annual Tuition fees are 8,000 Euro. Dentistry in Bulgaria is a 6-year program leading to Master’s degree in Dentistry.
The Programme includes three stages:
training in Medical and Biological subjects
training in Clinical medical subjects
a pre-graduation Internship
The education of students in Dental medicine is organized in three stages with duration of five years and six months as pre-graduate Internship. During the first two years, students receive Medico-biological training. The clinical and medical training are held from the second to the tenth semester and include education in general Medical and specialized Dental medicine disciplines. The teaching is carried out by 8 departments. The pre-diploma internship includes Pediatric Dental Medicine, Conservative Dental Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Periodontology and Orthodontics, and ends with state examinations. Students who pass them successfully are awarded the qualification of a Doctor in Dental Medicine and a Master’s degree.

A Pharmacy degree in English is offered by the Medical University of Sofia and the Medical University of Plovdiv. The Tuition fees for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria are 6,000 Euro per year.
Pharmacy at the Medical University of Plovdiv - the training for acquiring the professional qualification Master in Pharmacy ends after successful completion of 9 semesters, 6-month pre-diploma internship and taking of 4 state examinations. Upon completion of their studies, they receive the European Diploma Supplement, allowing them to work as pharmacists in any other EU country. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Plovdiv Medical University is also a place for acquiring a Pharmacy Postgraduate Degree. The faculty provides the opportunity of acquiring the educational and scientific Doctor’s degree in various forms of training in 13 accredited PhD programmes as well as postgraduate training for acquiring of specialty in Pharmacy.
Pharmacy at the Medical University of Sofia has six departments, three of which teach pharmacy - oriented fundamental subjects (inorganic, analytical and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, botany and mathematics). Another five departments offer the specific pharmaceutical subjects: pharmaceutical technology and bio-pharmacy, pharmacognosy (phytochemistry), pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, social pharmacy. The medical subjects are taught by the corresponding departments at the Faculty of Medicine at Medical University Sofia.

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