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Study Medicine in Bulgaria

The best place to study medicine abroad. Medical and health care qualifications

Studying medicine in Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular option for eu students due to:

Cheaper tuition fees
Student loans, offered by certain financial institutions in Bulgaria.
Quality lifestyle
Cheapest living costs in Europe
Globally recognized diplomas
Bulgarian universities are among the most reputable ones in the EU and beyond, with strong traditions in medical studies
Medical programmes are offered in English which is a great opportunity for foreign students.
Students are offered admission twice per academic year in October and February.
General overview of the course
6-year medical course in English(ten semesters and 1-year internship)

Graduates gain a Masters degree with the professional qualification Physician-Doctor of Medicine which enables the holders of the diploma to practice medicine in all EU countries.

You can directly apply after gaining high school diploma in UK.

Students have compulsory studies in Bulgarian language during the first three years of study.

The first two years of study include general study of the biological, chemical and physical sciences in connection to the practice of medicine as well as the relevant biometrical sciences relevant to the physician's practice.

The clinical years are what all medical students look forward to, a time when lectures and laboratories translate into patient care. The clinical studies examine the application of the biomedical sciences mastered during the first two years of medical school. The teaching from the third year onwards takes place exclusively in clinical settings and involves working with patients admitted for treatment at the University's teaching hospitals. The following are brief examples of some of the teaching experiences students may expect during their clinical experiences:

Clinical skills workshop
Patients physical examination and history taking
Medical notation - learning how to write doctors notes
Patients diagnosis, treatment and management
The last year of medical studies has exclusively practical purposes.
Final assessment of knowledge acquired by the students after accomplishing their full course of studies is undertaken by the State Examination Board during comprehensive theoretical and practical state examinations.
Graduates are conferred a Master's degree along with the professional qualification of Physician.
Tuition fees
Medicine in English - €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate)