Medical University Plovdiv was established in 1945. The university has experienced steady growth in the last decade in various aspects. Its campus has been upgraded with the construction of a new modern building in 2005, where the Faculty of Dental Medicine is located. With its numerous new buildings the University offers modern facilities for study and practical work to its students.The University strives for regional leadership while increasing the quality of the education on national and international scale.
Academic year 2021/2022
Online entrance tests in Biology and Chemistry
Exam registration: The entrance exam consists of two tests – in Biology and in Chemistry and shall be carried out on-line (home-based) on the following dates:
22 April 2021 – English – registration by 14 April 2021;
19 May 2021 – English – registration by 11 May 2021;
24 June 2021 – English and Bulgarian – registration by 16 June 2021;
15 July 2021 – English – registration by 07 July 2021;
31 August 2021 – English and Bulgarian – registration by 23 August 2021;
08 September 2021 – English – registration by 31 August 2021.
Note: The start time of the exams is EEST (+ 3 hours GMT) The Entrance-exam registration system is open from 01 March till 31 August 2021. The registration for each exam date is open until 7 days prior to the date of the exam.
Final ranking of the admitted students -14 September 2021 for the English Courses.
Enrolment of the admitted students deadline/start of the new academic year:
15-30 September 2021 for English-taught Courses.
Academic year starts on 01 October 2021 for English Courses.

15A „Vasil Aprilov“ Boulevard,
4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
+44 7793089824, +359 895543993



Medical University Sofia is the oldest medical institution of higher education in Bulgaria. The medical faculty was founded by the decree of His Majesty King Ferdinand in 1917.Medical University – Sofia (MUS) has an unique place in the Bulgarian education system. The high level of teaching, training and the achievements in the research work, health care and public activities are integrated – aiming that MU would be innovator and meeting the public interest.
Admission of foreign nationals from a non-EU and non EEA countries, as well as the Swiss Confederation / third party / shall have
Submission of documents:
from 01.06.2021 to 30.09.2021
Competitive exam in English, Biology and Chemistry in English
– 09.10.2021 only for candidates who have received a type D visa and have arrived in the country by 07.10.2021. Those who arrive after this date shall be enrolled in a preparatory study year in the Department of Language Training and Sports / DEOS / at the Medical University Sofia in English or in Bulgarian speaking course according to their choice.
Announcement of the results of the competitive exam
– October 11th 2021.
Enrollment of 1st year students
who shall attend the English course for the majors Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy – until October 25th 2021.

15 „Academik Ivan Evstratiev Geshov“ Boulevard
1431 Sofia, Bulgaria
+44 7793089824, +359 895543993



Varna Medical University was established as a higher medical institute in 1960.It is a high-tech university with more than half a century of history and traditions. Attractive multinational environment, state-of-the-art training methods and facilities, real-world and simulation training, wonderful sports and recreation conditions in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria.
English Language Examination Dates:

April 24, 2021;
May 17, 2021;
June 19, 2021;
July 24, 2021;
August 18, 2021;
September 04, 2021.
Admission Tests in Biology and Chemistry:

April 24, 2021;
May 17, 2021;
June 19, 2021;
July 24, 2021;
August 18, 2021;
September 04, 2021.
Submission of application documents:

1 May-15 July 2021.
Applicants who are in their last year of high school (and who have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects on secondary school level) are also eligible to sit the Entry tests, even before obtaining their leaving certificates (high school diploma). They will further need to submit the rest of the required application documents not later than July 15th.

The new Academic Year starts by October 2021

55 „Profesor Marin Drinov“ Street
9002 Varna, Bulgaria
+44 7793089824, +359 895543993